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MindManager ranked in Winter 2022 G2 Grid Reports for mind mapping

We’re pleased to announce that MindManager® appears in the G2 Winter 2022 grids in the following categories:

MindManager received recognition as a “High Performer” in both the overall G2 Grid for Mind Mapping as well as the G2 Grid for Mind Mapping specific to small businesses. The MindManager team is thrilled to see our solutions featured in G2’s industry-leading product grids.

MindManager recognized for mind mapping and momentum

MindManager received recognition as a product that enhances capabilities for business across the size spectrum. MindManager appears in the following specific grids:

G2 Grid® for Mind Mapping. For a category to be data-ready for a Grid Report, it requires the following:

  • Six or more products with 10 or more reviews in the category.
  • 150 or more reviews in the category overall.
  • All key players in that category included.

G2 Grid® Grid for Mind Mapping (Small Business). The same metrics as above apply to this grid, but it ranks products intended for small businesses. G2 defines small businesses as those making less than $38.5 million in annual receipts and having fewer than 1,500 employees.

Mind Mapping Momentum® Grid. Once each variable is normalized by category and then aggregated to create a Momentum score, there are additional inputs that impact G2’s Momentum scoring. These include:

  • Employee growth.
  • Review growth.
  • Social growth.
  • Web growth.
  • Year-over-year change.

This enables buyers to gain insight into products that may be outpacing their competition by delivering innovative solutions that are consistently evolving to meet the changing needs of their users.

Why MindManager was recognized

MindManager includes many notable features that make it ideal to boost visual productivity and collaboration, especially among remote teams. These include:

  • MindManager Snap. Easily capture, receive, and share content and map parts at any time, from anywhere, including through your desktop, browser, or mobile device. This information can be sent directly to your MindManager Snap Capture Queue, where you can then drag it into any map you like.
  • MindManager for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is used by many organizations to enable team members to communicate and collaborate, especially when physically distant from one another. With MindManager for Microsoft Teams, users can facilitate meetings, planning, brainstorming, whiteboarding, and more—all within the Microsoft Teams environment.
  • Project planning, task management, process flowcharting, brainstorming, and more. Choose from a variety of built-in templates to suit any industry or professional need. MindManager provides users with the flexibility to change map layouts at any stage and combine map layouts on a single canvas.

On the G2 website, reviewer Nicolas L. calls MindManager “Great for mapping complex data narratives,” while Joshua M. says, “MindManager helps me do my job with more clarity and focus.”

As of this writing, MindManager has 64 reviews on the G2 website and a ranking of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most notably, MindManager received a 9 out of 10 ranking for Ease of Use and an 8 out of 10 ranking for Quality of Support.

The G2 Grids and report methodology

The G2 Grids measure customer satisfaction and market presence using ratings from their website that are generated based on user-supplied product reviews and market presence data. This data is used to plot featured products on a quadrant with four sections: Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche.

A unique algorithm is applied to these reviews and data to calculate the customer satisfaction and market presence scores.

Customer satisfaction scores track customer satisfaction via the end-user product attributes listed in verified user-submitted reviews on the G2 site.

Market presence scores are a combination of 15 metrics from G2’s user reviews, publicly available information, and third-party sources.

According to the G2 Research Scoring Methodologies Page, “Each input is normalized by category and segment. This means that scores are relative to other products in the category/segment and may change from segment to segment. The scores are then scaled from 0–100.”

The MindManager team is delighted that our customers recognize the high value that we strive to deliver.

Learn more about MindManager

MindManager just released its current version, which is loaded with productivity and collaboration features, including:

  • Co-editing. With more and more teams working remotely, this feature enables users to collaborate on maps and diagrams together in real-time, no matter where they’re located and no matter which platform they’re using.
  • Mind Manager map part sharing. New to MindManager Snap is a feature called map part sharing that enables seamless collaboration. Users can share one part of their map with their team, rather than the whole document, so employees can view and collaborate on the information applicable to them.
  • MindManager for Windows. Key enhancements in this release are increased speed and responsiveness of the product, as well as a new spell check and autocorrect feature that aligns with language packs in Windows. Many features have also been optimized for a faster overall user experience, including quicker filtering, improved slides, and indexing performance.
  • MindManager for Mac. Notable enhancements here include the ability to print Gantt charts, filter based on topic text, and a more modern topic info style, among many others.

We’re working hard to continually develop and enhance our visual productivity and collaboration software.

Learn more about how MindManager can help deliver seamless, efficient collaboration for your organization.

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