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In today’s business world, teams look a lot different than they used to. Much of the professional world now operates in a remote-first environment. Even those businesses that have returned to working in-office may have employees spread out across different locations.

According to a report by Gartner®, 51% of all knowledge workers worldwide are expected to work remotely by the end of 2021—up from 27% in 2019.

Whether your teams are remote, in-person, or a hybrid of both, the all-new MindManager® offers the latest in visual business productivity tools to enhance your organization’s ability to collaborate and increase productivity.

MindManager helps teams around the world work faster, better, and in a more interconnected way. Our Enterprise offering has also received an added boost.

In this post, we’ll explore the new features and enhancements in this release and how they can help your organization pave the way for current and long-term success.

New ways to collaborate

Collaboration among employees is critical for businesses, especially when team members aren’t all in the same physical location. Organizations need the right collaboration tools to allow employees to effectively access and work on projects, plans, and strategies.

That’s why the new collaboration features in this release of MindManager allow individuals and teams to work collaboratively across platforms in Windows, Mac, and Microsoft Teams, as well as our two new platforms, MindManager for web and Chromebook.

Cross-platform co-editing

We’ve rebuilt co-editing capabilities in MindManager from the ground up to enable users to collaborate on maps and diagrams together in real-time, no matter where they’re located and no matter which platform they’re using.

Any edits made in real-time are reflected right away, allowing teams to see feedback and make adjustments as necessary.

New in MindManager: Enhanced collaboration tools

Coediting in MindManager 2021

MindManager sessions no longer need to be launched in a web browser. Once a file is shared, team members can open and edit the file at any time, including on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook devices.

Teams can also take advantage of a comprehensive library of built-in templates that facilitate group brainstorming sessions, team dashboards, project plans, task lists, process flows, and more.

From there, plans, and projects can evolve quickly. Team members can assign priority markers, resources, tags, project costing, key dates, and other important information in a collaborative way to keep everyone aligned and on track.

Map Part sharing

The MindManager Snap content capture tool allows users to easily capture, receive, and share content any time, from anywhere, including your desktop, browser, or mobile device.

For example, if you’re browsing on your smartphone and come across something that’s relevant to a project you’re working on, you can capture that link and send it to your MindManager Snap queue.

The next time you open your map, you can easily import that link from your queue directly into your map.

MindManager Snap in MindManager

MindManager Snap in MindManager

New to MindManager Snap is Map Part sharing. This feature makes it simpler for your teams to share vital pieces of information quickly and efficiently. Users can send selected parts of their diagrams to team members or themselves for use in other diagrams.

This makes collaborating on shared maps and projects much simpler. For example, if a project leader is working on a plan, they can send different parts of their map to individual team members who will complete their sections of the map and send them back.

This allows the project leader to easily build the final project dashboard with input from the relevant team member without disclosing sensitive or private information with others.

MindManager Snap Map Part sharing

MindManager Snap Map Part sharing

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great way to communicate and collaborate with team members, whether they’re in-office or remote. With the MindManager integration for Microsoft Teams, group members can facilitate meetings, planning, brainstorming, whiteboarding, and more—without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

Users simply navigate to the MindManager icon in Microsoft Teams, and from there, can instantly start collaborating with coworkers on mind maps in real-time through the co-editing feature.

Co-editing in MindManager for Microsoft Teams

Co-editing in MindManager for Microsoft Teams

Employees can also do things like maintain project dashboards, conduct brainstorming sessions, and keep shared repositories up to date.

New productivity and usability features

The new MindManager also offers a host of added features to help boost productivity and usability. Our latest version includes over 500 enhancements to the software across Windows, Mac, and Teams, as well as our two new platforms, Chromebook and Web.

Key enhancements to MindManager Windows are increased speed and responsiveness of the product, as well as a new spell check and autocorrect feature that aligns with language packs in Windows.

Many features have also been optimized for a faster overall user experience, including quicker filtering, improved slides, and indexing performance.

The index in MindManager calculates certain values in real-time, such as how many topics contain a tag, icon, marker, etc.

On larger maps, the index becomes larger, thus taking up more memory. This version has dramatically improved performance, so larger maps will load faster and function much better.

We’ve also made notable enhancements to the productivity and usability features in MindManager Mac, including:

  • Gantt print. This allows Mac users to print their Gantt charts on single or multiple pages for easy sharing and/or reference.
  • Filtering based on topic text. This enhancement makes it easier for collaborators to filter maps to find the information they need, especially when maps become quite large.
  • Text formatting. Additional font formatting options have been added, including the strikethrough and underline tools.
  • Enhanced tags. You can now add more colors and tags to maps to help make them even clearer and easier to understand.
  • Modern topic info style. When a new topic is created in MindManager, users can benefit from a topic style that is more modern, concise, and customizable.

Modern topic info style in MindManager Mac 14

Modern topic info style in MindManager Mac 14

These enhanced productivity and usability tools provide a more seamless experience for you and your teams.

New MindManager Enterprise features

With a MindManager Enterprise subscription, you get all the capabilities and platforms of MindManager, plus added enterprise benefits, such as volume license discounts, a dedicated account manager, comprehensive enterprise controls, and optional consulting services.

With MindManager Enterprise, software deployment is simple and streamlined, decreasing the amount of time it takes your IT department to get your organization up and running with the latest visual productivity tools.

This year’s release offers new security and administrator enhancements.

Security enhancements

MindManager Enterprise is now System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) certified. SOC 2 is a type of audit report that attests to the trustworthiness of services provided by a services organization.
Receiving a SOC Type 2 certification demonstrates that MindManager has been confirmed by an independent accounting and auditing firm to ensure the company’s control objectives and activities are operating effectively.

The following areas of MindManager policies and practices were reviewed as part of the certification:

  • Infrastructure
  • Software
  • People
  • Procedures
  • Data

This certification provides MindManager customers with independent third-party assurance that their data is secured through the implementation of standardized controls as defined in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Trust Service Principles framework.

A new disaster recovery system with automated failover. This ensures that service continues to operate in a mirrored location should anything happen to one data center, without the loss of customer data or significant downtime.

Additional MindManager Enterprise features include:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) activation.
  • License administration.
  • Single language installer.
  • End-user language selector.

The new MindManager makes it easier for organizations of all types and sizes to collaborate more effectively, no matter where employees are located.

Newly added productivity and usability features make using MindManager the right decision to ensure the continued success of your business.

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