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Archives: Task and Workflow Management
Business Rules | MindManager Blog

What are business rules? Your introductory guide

Reading Time: 5 minutesBy: Leanne Armstrong Rules come in many forms. Some tell us what is or isn’t allowed during… Read more »
Business Diagram - MindManager Blog

Business diagrams: what they are, and why you should use them

Reading Time: 6 minutesBy: Emily Finlay People are visual creatures. Understanding operational processes or applying data to decisions becomes easier… Read more »
Virtual Whiteboarding - MindManager Blog

Discover the power of virtual whiteboarding

Reading Time: 6 minutes By: Leanne Armstrong   If you’ve yet to discover the power of virtual whiteboarding, we’re confident… Read more »
Workflow Management Systems | MindManager Blog

Workflow management systems: your ultimate guide

Reading Time: 6 minutes By: Jill Huettich More and more, companies are opting to invest in workflow management tools. There… Read more »
How to Write a Workflow Process | MindManager Blog

How to create a workflow process

Reading Time: 5 minutesBy: Jill Huettich Workflow processes can transform businesses—increasing efficiency, improving decision making, streamlining operations, and ultimately, saving… Read more »
Workflow Management | MindManager Blog

What is workflow management and why should businesses use it?

Reading Time: 4 minutes By: Jill Huettich If there’s one single thing that can completely transform a company—increasing its productivity,… Read more »
Types of Workflows | MindManager Blog

What is a workflow? Types, benefits, and examples

Reading Time: 5 minutes By: Jill Huettich If you’ve heard the term “workflow” floating around the office, you may have… Read more »
Productivity Tools & Techniques | MindManager Blog

7 productivity tools for remote workers

Reading Time: 4 minutes By: Jill Huettich With more and more employees working from home, productivity is an even greater… Read more »
How to increase the productivity of employees | MindManager Blog

5 ways to increase employee productivity

Reading Time: 4 minutesBy: Jill Huettich Companies literally lose hundreds of billions of dollars in lost productivity in the workplace… Read more »
What is productivity in the workplace? | MindManager Blog

What is productivity in the workplace? And why is it important?

Reading Time: 5 minutes By: Jill Huettich The importance of productivity in an organization cannot be overstated—which is especially alarming… Read more »

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