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Archives: Strategic Planning
Business Diagramming - PEST Analysis | MindManager Blog

PEST analysis: what it is, and how to use it

By: Emily Finlay Businesses don’t operate in a bubble. Every change or development in the environment around them affects the… Read more »
Business Diagramming - DESTEP Analysis - MindManager Blog

DESTEP analysis diagrams: what they are and how to use them

By: Leanne Armstrong As one of the many pre-made templates offered in MindManager, DESTEP analysis diagrams offer up a simple… Read more »
Business Diagramming - SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis: what it is, and how to use it

By: Nicholas Mistretta If you’ve never heard of a SWOT analysis, you may not be alone. The good news is… Read more »
Risk Management Process | MindManager Blog

An in-depth look at the risk management process

By: Nicholas Mistretta In this article, we’re going to break down the five steps in the risk management process, share… Read more »
Risk Management | MindManager Blog

Risk management: your introductory guide

By: Nicholas Mistretta Risk management is one of those terms that all business people know, but how many truly grasp… Read more »
Agile Planning Process | MindManager Blog

The ins and outs of the agile planning process

By: Emily Finlay: Last week, we introduced a revolutionary project planning method called agile planning. This technique offers numerous benefits… Read more »
Change Management Tools | MindManager Blog

5 change management tools to incorporate into your workplace

By: Leanne Armstrong Is it just us, or has the process of successfully introducing change into the workplace gotten tougher… Read more »
Change Management Process | MindManager Blog

How to create a change management process

By: Leanne Armstrong Whether you need to transition to a new software system, or refocus your entire marketing strategy, following… Read more »
Change Management | MindManager Blog

What is change management? Your introductory guide.

By: Leanne Armstrong To keep pace in a rapid-fire business world, organizations of all types must direct and respond effectively… Read more »
Non-government organizations (NGOs) | MindManager Blog

How non-government organizations (NGOs) can manage the impacts of COVID-19

By: Alex Gooding As the world responds to COVID-19’s terrible toll, millions of people’s lives have been upended. As countries… Read more »

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