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Archives: Project Management
Visual Project Planning | MindManager Blog

Your primer on visual project planning

Project planning is an essential stage of the project management process. When done well, it can significantly increase your odds… Read more »
Change Management in Project Management | MindManager Blog

How to streamline change management in project management

By: Leanne Armstrong Change management within an organization is meant to guide everyone who may be impacted by a new… Read more »
Scope Management | MindManager Blog

Mind Mapping for Project Management (MP4PM): Scope Management

By: Markus Kopko, Creator of MP4PM Welcome back! In the first article of this multi-part series, which deals in depth… Read more »
Gantt chart project management | MindManager Blog

Gantt chart project management: getting back to the basics

By: Leanne Armstrong You may have noticed we mention Gantt charts a lot. And you likely get that they’re pretty… Read more »
Flowcharting for Project Management | MindManager Blog

Your guide to making the most of project management flowcharts

By: Leanne Armstrong Flowcharts are fantastic project management tools. They can help you map out complex processes, manage your tasks… Read more »
Project Management Methodologies | MindManager Blog

7 project management methodologies to kick start your next project

By: Leanne Armstrong Proven project management methodologies take many forms: from standardized, traditional procedures, to practical philosophies guaranteed to perk… Read more »
Project Management Tools | MindManager Blog

Mind Mapping for Project Management (MP4PM): An Introduction

By: Markus Kopko, Creator of MP4PM: An in-depth look at how to use mind mapping in accordance with the PMBoK… Read more »
Project Management Visualization | MindManager Blog

5 steps to better results with project management visualization

By: Leanne Armstrong If you’re like us, you’re probably painfully aware of everything that can go wrong on route to… Read more »
Project Management Tools | MindManager Blog

What project management tools should every business be using?

By: Jill Huettich Are you wondering whether your business could benefit by using project management tools? Wonder no longer, let’s cut… Read more »
Creating a Project Plan | MindManager Blog

Creating a project plan? Use these tools to get started

By: Leanne Armstrong If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in a directionless assignment with no end goal in sight, you’ll… Read more »

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