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Archives: Brainstorming and Problem Solving
Fishbone Diagrams for Problem Solving | MindManager Blog

Using fishbone diagrams for problem solving

When something goes wrong, it’s essential to understand the cause in order to prevent it from occurring over and over… Read more »
MindManager Blog | Brainstorming Techniques

10 brainstorming techniques to try with your team

If you work as part of a team, you’ve likely been a part of a brainstorming session at some point.… Read more »
MindManager Blog | What is brainstorming?

What is brainstorming? And why is it important?

Brainstorming is often touted as a great technique that business professionals can use to generate new and unique ideas. It’s… Read more »
Spider Diagrams | MindManager Blog

Using spider diagrams for brainstorming, planning and more

Work and life, at times, can be chaotic and unclear. Often it’s difficult to see a path forward, create a… Read more »
How Writer Can Use MindManager to Collect Story Ideas

How Writers Can Use Mind Maps to Collect Story Ideas

If there’s one thing that every writer can relate to, it’s scrambling to think of a new, super engaging and… Read more »

How this Marketing Specialist Uses MindManager in His Daily Work

Brendan McConnell Field Marketing Representative, MindManager If you’re a regular reader of the MindManager Blog, then I’m sure we’ve been… Read more »
Reverse Brainstorming | MindManager Blog

How reverse brainstorming helps to solve business problems

Most people understand the benefits of brainstorming: it’s a great way to gather ideas to solve a problem, it’s relatively… Read more »
Digital Brainstorming Session

What Happens After the Brainstorm?

Why does announcing a brainstorming sessions sometimes draw groans from the group? Often it’s because experience has led people to… Read more »
Digital Brainstorming | Feature Image

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Your Next Brainstorm Should Go Digital

  Try Digital Brainstorming with MindManager Today! Want to see the benefits of digital brainstorming for yourself? If you haven’t… Read more »

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