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Archives: Brainstorming and Problem Solving
Virtual Whiteboarding - MindManager Blog

Discover the power of virtual whiteboarding

By: Leanne Armstrong   If you’ve yet to discover the power of virtual whiteboarding, we’re confident you’ll be both surprised… Read more »
Cause and Effect Diagram | MindManager Blog

Cause and effect diagrams: what they are and how to use them

By: Leanna Armstrong Figuring out what lies at the root of a complicated production or work process challenge is sometimes… Read more »
Online Meetings and Flip Charts | MindManager Blog

How to integrate “flip charts” into your online meetings

By: Michael Fraidenburg Awhile back I was asked this question in one of my workshops on facilitating effective meetings.  That… Read more »
Problem Solving Tools | MindManager Blog

9 essential problem solving tools: the ultimate guide

By: Leanne Armstrong Some studies have suggested that the average business professional spends 3 hours every week solving work-related problems!… Read more »
Problem Solving Process | MindManager Blog

What are the 5 steps of problem solving? Your guide with examples

By: Leanne Armstrong Whether you run a business, manage a team, or work in an industry where change is the… Read more »
Problem Solving | MindManager Blog

What is problem solving? And why is it important at work?

By: Leanne Armstrong If there’s one thing you can count on as a business professional, it’s that you’ll never run… Read more »
Brainstorming Tools | MindManager Blog

Popular brainstorming tools, and when to use them with your team

By: Leanne Armstrong Brainstorming is an incredibly versatile group creativity technique. With the right brainstorming tools, you and your team can… Read more »
Fishbone Diagrams for Problem Solving | MindManager Blog

Using fishbone diagrams for problem solving

When something goes wrong, it’s essential to understand the cause in order to prevent it from occurring over and over… Read more »
MindManager Blog | Brainstorming Techniques

10 brainstorming techniques to try with your team

If you work as part of a team, you’ve likely been a part of a brainstorming session at some point.… Read more »
MindManager Blog | What is brainstorming?

What is brainstorming? And why is it important?

Brainstorming is often touted as a great technique that business professionals can use to generate new and unique ideas. It’s… Read more »

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