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MindManager for Mac 13: Q&A with our Senior Product Marketing Manager

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Have you heard the news? MindManager for Mac 13 is here! And it’s a mighty addition to any Mac user’s business toolbox. We’ve received great feedback so far on this release, and want to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to anyone who has purchased or tried the new MindManager for Mac.

Craig Bond | MindManager Blog

Craig Bond, Senior Product Marketing Manager

I recently connected with MindManager’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Craig Bond, to hear his thoughts about the new release, and why it’s such an exciting update for Mac users. Here’s what Craig had to say.

What do you think is most exciting about the new MindManager for Mac 13?

Craig: Seeing as I’m coming at this latest release from the perspective of a product marketing manager, what’s most exciting for me is how packed MindManager for Mac 13 is with new features. There’s a lot to talk about!

It’s by far our most significant release on the Mac platform to date. It delivers major enhancements in the areas of project management, visualization, features specific to the Mac platform, mobile integration, and a host of productivity and usability improvements. It enables our users to better manage their projects, collaborate more effectively, and get work done faster – which is especially important in this age of remote working we’ve all recently found ourselves in.

What are some of the standout features?

Craig: If you’re already familiar with MindManager, you know it’s a powerful visual work management and mind mapping software that lets users transform scattered ideas and data into dynamic visual maps, diagrams, flowcharts, matrices, and more. It makes capturing, organizing, managing, and sharing business-critical information easy and efficient.

MindManager for Mac 13 dramatically expands on the existing feature set of previous iterations of the software with the following and more:

  • Project management enhancements: Gantt charts, Tag/Kanban View, project costing, and resource management
  • Visualization enhancements: An all-new ribbon-style navigation menu, thumbnail images, enhanced flowcharting
  • Features for Mac: iCloud integration, Catalina & Sidecar support, enhanced Touch Bar support
  • Mobile integration: MindManager for Mac now works with MindManager Go and MindManager Snap – mobile map viewing and content capture.

Take a tour for yourself with this map, published online directly from MindManager for Mac 13:

How does this version help Mac users work better?

Craig: In this current age of remote working, the core tenets of visual work management software such as MindManager still hold true. It helps individuals and remote teams stay focused and aligned. Key use cases reported by our users include brainstorming, project planning, task and project management, strategic planning, knowledge management and sharing, meeting management, and more.

It’s used by project managers, IT, R&D, engineers, procurement, human resources, PR & marketing, and frequently by independent consultants to manage theirs and their clients’ projects.

In a biennial survey conducted by Chuck Frey of the Mind Mapping Software Blog, actual users of visual work management software such as MindManager report an increased ability to handle vast amounts of information that leads to better decision-making, communication, and organization. This should make any company sit up and take notice as employee productivity has a direct effect on the bottom line.

Benefits of Visual Work Management Software | MindManager Blog

How can customers get their hands on MindManager for Mac 13?

Craig: The best way is directly through our website. Visit the MindManager for Mac 13 product page for more information about the software. There is the option to purchase it, but if you’re reading this and not yet sure you want to buy, we encourage you to download the fully-functional 30-day free trial. We’re sure you’ll love it once you get your hands on it!

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