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Introducing MindManager 12 for Mac! See your work in a whole new light.

Attention Mac fans! We have some exciting news to share with you.

This week, we launched the most powerful and versatile Mac version ever. We’d like to introduce you to MindManager 12 for Mac.

With a powerhouse collection of new features and functions, MindManager 12 for Mac puts next-level mind mapping and data visualization at your fingertips. It lets you see your mission-critical information the way you need to, work with it the way you want to, understand it better and get more done with it — faster than ever before.

More importantly, MindManager 12 for Mac reflects our ongoing commitment to developing and delivering the best possible product to our valued Mac customers. We hope you’ll love the new version as much as we do, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

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8 reasons you’ll want to upgrade today


1) SmartRules™ for Mac

SmartRules™, the 2018 Mind Mapping Software Innovation of the Year, as named by The Mind Mapping Software Blog, is now available for Mac users!

This exciting new features lets you automate the processes that drive your results. SmartRules™ extends well beyond standard conditional formatting, empowering you to automatically trigger changes in not only a topic’s look and feel, but also its data. This helps you reduce repetitive tasks and transforms your maps from simply representing your processes and workflows, to driving and accelerating them.

With SmartRules™, you can:

  • Write rules that change topics, icons, tags, properties, progress and priority markers based on specific triggers.
  • Apply SmartRules™ to individual objects or topics, select branches or full diagrams.
  • Automate content updates to task lists, project plans, flowcharts and more, saving time and igniting productivity.

To learn more about SmartRules™, check out this blog post from our VP of Product.

2) Objects and Smart Shapes

The new Objects and Smart Shapes feature in MindManager 12 for Mac helps you create clarity and consensus around complex information. Shapes direct attention and enable understanding in ways that words alone never can.

To harness the power of shapes, we’ve added 12 powerful new ones to our object library, including stars, arrows, brackets, funnels and more. You can now group topics or process parts within shapes to distinguish areas of importance. Or, you can combine customizable Smart Shapes to build new templates and diagram types to support your objectives.

With Objects and Smart Shapes for Mac, you can:

  • Enrich, clarify and expand map content.
  • Easily group content within shapes to define processes and illustrate concepts.
  • Create custom diagrams quickly and easily with new smart funnels and matrices.

MindManager 12 for Mac | Objects & Smart Shapes

3) Match Width

Ever wish you could just press a button and all of your topics would be the same width? Well now you can do exactly that!

Too much visual variety can distract people from what you want them to see. Match Width helps you easily eliminate inconsistencies in topic alignment, so that your audience will immediately focus on your presentation’s content, instead of its structure.

With Match Width, you can:

  • Standardize topic widths.
  • Adjust topic widths manually or with a single click.
  • Apply changes to individual topics or entire maps.

4) HTML5 Export and Publish Filtering

With the new HTML5 Export and Publish Filtering feature, you can provide clearer directions and more seamless information exchanges than ever before. The new filtering and linking capabilities allow your recipients to quickly and easily find information you want them to see, helping you move conversations and projects forward.

With HTML5 Export and Publish Filtering, you can:

  • Make shared maps easier for people to navigate, understand and respond to.
  • Filter exported and published maps on icons, tags, resources and saved queries.
  • Create direct topic links to guide recipients to content in your map.

MindManager 12 for Mac | HTML5 Export & Publish Filtering

5) Dark Mode Support

Fans of the Dark Mode feature on their Mac can now work in MindManager within their preferred environment. Dark Mode lets you create rich content with minimized eyestrain, enhanced focus and a dramatic visual vibe. With optimized menus and icons, and a seamless integration with Mojave Dark Mode, you can keep map content and the center of attention while working in the style that works best for you.

Send your maps into the dark, and bring your best thinking to light!

MindManager 12 for Mac | Dark Mode Support

6) Touch Bar Support

Macbook users can now work more efficiently than ever with the new Dynamic Touch Bar Support. Step away from the mouse and put MindManager at your fingertips. Control your work more efficiently and intuitively than ever, with fewer clicks, easier updating and menus that anticipate your every move.

MindManager’s new Touch Bar Support includes:

  • Context-specific menus that automatically surface the appropriate options for the most popular MindManager commands.
  • Predictive text that saves time and speeds up map building.
  • The ability to add themes, export files and more with a single touch.

7) More than 40 new theme designs

Create better first impressions with more than 40 new visual themes, featuring fresh colors, modern fonts and personality-packed designs that set the tone for your presentation. Instantly convey subtle yet significant messages about your brand, style and content.

MindManager 12 for Mac | 40+ New Theme Designs

8) New Import Capabilities

Now you can enrich content created in XMind and FreeMind with a whole new degree of depth, meaning and value using MindManager’s best-in-class mapping and diagramming tools.

  • Convert your existing mind maps into MindManager files and evolve them by leveraging our full breadth of features.
  • Import files directly into MindManager.
  • Maintain map structure and content from the original application.

MindManager 12 for Mac | FreeMind & XMind Imports

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