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MindManager 11 for Mac: Q&A With Our VP of Product

As you may have heard from recent our blog post, press release or on our website, we at Mindjet are very excited about the launch of MindManager 11 for Mac!

It’s been a long awaited release for many of our Mac customers, and we cannot be more thrilled to be able to bring this new product to you and your teams. MindManager 11 for Mac is packed full of new features that will help you be more productive, align your teams, keep track of projects and tasks and easily capture information. We hope you’re just as excited about the new MindManager 11 for Mac as we are!

To celebrate the release of MindManager 11 for Mac, I sat down with our VP of Product, Michael Deutch to get his thoughts on this long awaited release, and what it means for MindManager for Mac customers. Here’s what he had to say!

We’ve been making a lot of noise about MindManager 11 for Mac. What’s so exciting about it?

MindManager 11 for Mac

Michael: Firstly, our MindManager 11 for Mac release has been a long time coming both for us and for our customers. The release was delayed a couple of times due to a variety of reasons, so we’re excited that we were able to recently release our version 11 for Mac to our customers.

Over the past year we have doubled our engineering team for Mac, and have been working hard on making sure this version is one of the best we’ve released. We’re so excited, in fact, that we’ve already started working on the next update for Mac!

In the meantime, I encourage all Mac users to take a look at what MindManager 11 for Mac can do! To help get you started with MindManager 11 for Mac, we’ve created a library of videos to walk you through each of the new features and their applications.

What can Mac users expect from this new release?

Michael:  In addition to being among the most powerful Mac-based mind mapping software on the market, we also packed MindManager 11 for Mac release with a tonne of great new features. We broke this release out into three major themes: Enhanced Visualizations, Improved Sharing and Advanced Mapping.

Mac users can expect a treasure trove of new features in each of these three main areas that will help them work smarter, more efficiently and get better results from their mind mapping activities.

MindManager 11 for Mac | Redesigned Interface

Redesigned Interface

What are some of the most exciting new features?

Michael:  Great question! We’ve been pretty busy.

First, we expanded the types of visualizations you can create with MindManager. In version 10, you could create mind maps, org charts, tree diagrams and right-facing maps.

With version 11, we added the capability to create our timelines, concept maps, Venn diagrams, onion diagrams, process flow diagrams, swim lane diagrams and matrices.

We also added background shapes and objects like images, text boxes, divider lines and more. You can use these background shapes and objects to design and architect an unlimited set of new diagram types. We used these tools ourselves to create the new SWOT matric, the onion and Venn diagrams and the matrices in the Strategic Planning templates.

MindManager 11 for Mac | Expanded Template Library

Expanded Template Library

Second, we greatly improved the mapping experience in MindManager 11 for Mac. Some of the key enhancements here include the expanded task management capabilities that give users the ability to track effort, milestones, add task dependencies, automatically calculate summary roll-up tasks and much more!

We’ve also expanded topic links so you can add multiple links per topic as well as customize the link’s description.

And, we added a new capability to create dashboard diagrams that bring in either individual topics or entire branches from other MindManager maps. The maps roll-ups give users the ability to view the status of many different projects and initiatives in a single, interactive view. Each time you open your map, the data is refreshed. You can also manually refresh the roll-ups whenever you want to see the latest status.

MindManager 11 for Mac | Advanced Task Management and Map Roll-up

Advanced Task Management | Map Roll-up

Third, we added two great new ways to share your maps with colleagues, clients, or anyone else. We’ve updated the HTML5 export so you can now see all of the new visualizations, background shapes and objects, the expanded task data, and hyperlink information. Simply export your diagrams and use the file any way you like; post it to your blog, intranet or share it with your colleagues.

On top of the improved HTML5 export, we’re also very excited to include our new Publish capability. This allows users to share their diagrams with anyone who has an internet connect and browser. Published maps can be embedded into, intranets or blogs, and users can decide whether viewers can download a copy of the file. You can also choose where you want to file stored (United States or Europe) and even brand the published map with a company or product logo.

MindManager 11 for Mac | Publisher and Interactive Map Export

Publish Feature | Interactive HTML5 Export

Learn more about these new features by checking out our MindManager 11 for Mac web page, or watching this video.

How will this release change how Mac users work with MindManager?

Michael:  First, it will dramatically expand the types of diagrams that can be created, which means people can map out solutions to different types of problems and questions; answering when (timelines), how (concept maps, process flow diagrams), who (swimlane diagrams) and more.

We also updated the interface, introducing the most commonly used map creating features in the menu system and a series of docked task pains to allow you to more quickly build, annotate and design maps with less effort and better results.

MindManager 11 for Mac | 10 New Map Templates

10 New Maps Templates

How can Mac users get their hands on the new MindManager?

Michael:  You can start a free trial of MindManager 11 for Mac or purchase an upgrade of your current version in our e-store. from your MindManager account manager or a preferred seller.

By the way, it’s worth mentioned that any user with ANY version of MindManager for Mac can get our upgrade price. This is normally limited to only the last two versions but we wanted to extended this offer to everyone!

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