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Workology: the Eight Personality Types of the Workplace

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We all want to work smarter and more effectively with our colleagues, but combining different styles and personalities can often be quite challenging. Our Workology series aims to help the cause by defining eight common office personality types, as well as the keys to working with each. Check them out below! (And click each of the headers for an expanded description.)

The General


Direct, decisive, and confident, Generals take charge and lead teams through the day-to-day battles of the workplace.

The Artist


Creative and innovative, Artists turn ideas into beautiful products, materials, and campaigns.

The Workhorse


Diligent and dedicated, Workhorses lead by example with hard work.

The Cheerleader


Upbeat and supportive, Cheerleaders uses positive reinforcement to keep their teams together.

The Number Cruncher


Focused and analytical, Number Crunchers see endless possibilities and opportunities in complex data.

The Medic


By balancing authority and compassion, Medics are naturally good at problem solving.

The Mediator


Naturally intuitive and considerate, Mediators are great at smoothing over conflicts and calming frustrated employees.

The Dreamer


Naturally creative and innovative, Dreamers like to think outside-the-box and inspire others with big ideas.

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