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The State of the Connected Workspace [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s been a lot of digital buzz about some recent connected workspace-y findings from McKinsey Global Institute, which essentially estimate how much potential we’ve failed to unlock with social technologies (spoiler: it’s a lot). Whether or not you find these exact figures to be believable, it’s clear that whatever social business success we’re seeing today is only the tip of the iceberg. Isn’t that exciting?

The Stats

Some of the most interesting nuggets break down like so:

  • Today, 72 percent of companies report using social technology in their business
  • Only 3 percent are “fully networked” and gaining substantial benefits
  • Social technology could improve the productivity of some workers by 20 – 25 percent
  • Improved collaboration accounts for 66 percent of all added value
  • Implementing social technologies to improve productivity could create $1.7 – $2.2 trillion in value

In order to realize even a percentage of this potential, the white collar world will have to find a balance between the razzle dazzle of the platforms themselves and the people who utilize them. Helpful tip and shameless plug: check out three simple yet essential truths about business collaboration here.

The Connected Workspace in Pictures

The full report is pretty heavy (184 pages), but if you’re in the mood for some serious reading you can download it here.  Otherwise, check out some highlights in the nifty infographic Jess3 helped us create (click for full size).

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