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Top 10 MindManager Features You Didn’t Know About

Top 10There’s an 80/20 rule for software.

80% of people will use or get value from 20% of the features.

Given that, what if you flipped the equation around and asked, what 20% more could I do or learn to be 80% more effective?

Yesterday, I received a note from a visual mapping enthusiasts at Proctor & Gamble, Adam Siemiginowski. Adam met with George Shaheen of Mindjet and together they mapped out the following post of the Top 10 MindManager Features You Didn’t Know About.

Go ahead, take a look.

I challenge you to pick out two of these power features to add to your mapping repertoire…

Practice using the feature for a couple of weeks and let us know how it worked for you!

Note: Adam uses both MindManager 8 for Windows and Mindjet Catalyst. So the feature list below reflects his power tips!


1. Co-editing a map

Work with your team! Keep everyone on the same page, both literally and figuratively. Collaboratively and simultaneously take notes, brainstorm new ideas, or manage a meeting.

Co-edit Maps

2. Brainstorming Mode

Capture a steady stream of new ideas and possibilities… then categorize, sort, and modify them for your final output. This works best in 5-10 minute increments to move forward in a new discussion.


3. Export to Mindjet Player

Trying to share your map with someone who doesn’t have MindManager? No problem! Use the export to Mindjet player option to create a flash-enabled PDF of your map. Anyone with Adobe Reader can open the file and surf the content interactively.

Mindjet Player

4. Email Mindjet Player

No more need to send large attachments! Use Catalyst to host your Mindjet Player file by using the share option. A read-only version of the file will be hosted and you can email the link to that map to your colleagues.


Email Mindjet Player

Email Mindjet Player

5. Utilize Text Markers

Mark specific nodes in your map… enable categorization of your content.

Text Markers

Text Markers

Text Markers

6. Utilize the Power Filter

Filter by specific text markers, resources, and icons.

Power Filter

7. Show Branches Alone

Tackle an unwieldy map for working and presenting… while continuing to keep all the content in one location.

Show Branch Alone


8. Search your maps

Search your map, folders, or collaborative workspaces.


9. Setup a Custom Startup Map i.e. To Do List

Find yourself opening the SAME map everyday? Change the default startup map! Great for to-do lists or personal dashboards.

Default Map

Default Map

10. Alerts

Set topic alerts using the alert feature. Your map will alert you at the time you designate! Combine this with a startup map and you have a winning combination. The map will alert you once you open MindManager!



Thanks Adam and George for sharing!!

So, which 20% can you start using today to make yourself more productive?

Have other power features that you use that you’d like to share? Add your comments below.

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