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Project Management Methodologies | MindManager Blog

7 project management methodologies to kick start your next project

By: Leanne Armstrong Proven project management methodologies take many forms: from standardized, traditional procedures, to practical philosophies guaranteed to perk… Read more »
Non-government organizations (NGOs) | MindManager Blog

How non-government organizations (NGOs) can manage the impacts of COVID-19

By: Alex Gooding As the world responds to COVID-19’s terrible toll, millions of people’s lives have been upended. As countries… Read more »
Process Mapping Tools | MindManager Blog

3 process mapping tools you should be using at your company

By: Jill Huettich More and more, executives are realizing that business process mapping is a critical activity that can make… Read more »
Project Management Tools | MindManager Blog

Mind Mapping for Project Management (MP4PM): An Introduction

By: Markus Kopko, Creator of MP4PM: An in-depth look at how to use mind mapping in accordance with the PMBoK… Read more »
Business Process Optimization | MindManager Blog

Business process optimization: Why it’s important, and how to boost your success

By: Jill Huettich If you’ve been thinking about business process optimization, you’re in good company. Research shows that more and… Read more »
MindManager 2020 for Windows

Co-editing is now available at no cost to MindManager 2020 for Windows users through 2020

Over the past weeks, we’ve heard from many customers who have suddenly found themselves in a remote-working situation, without the… Read more »
MindManager Blog | Remote Teams

Empower your remote workers with these free resources

Working remotely is a reality that many across the world are facing at the moment. If you or your team… Read more »
Project Management Visualization | MindManager Blog

5 steps to better results with project management visualization

By: Leanne Armstrong If you’re like us, you’re probably painfully aware of everything that can go wrong on route to… Read more »
Tips for Remote Work | MindManager Blog

New remote worker? 7 ways to set yourself up for success

By: Karen Wilson The recent spread of Covid-19 has led many companies to shift quite suddenly to remote work. While… Read more »
Task Management Tooks | MindManager Blog

7 tasks management tools to keep you and your team organized at work

By: Leanne Armstrong There’s no question that creating a solid task management plan is the best way to stay organized… Read more »

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