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Visual Thinking | MindManager Blog

What is visual thinking? And why it is useful?

By: Leanne Armstrong Visual thinking – aka thinking in pictures – is made possible by our ability to tap into… Read more »
MindManager Windows 21 - Blog Feature | MindManager Blog

NOW available! The all-new MindManager Product Suite

We are thrilled to announce the release of a whole suite of MindManager product offerings, including MindManager for Microsoft Teams,… Read more »
Tags: Product News
Loyalty Launch Event Blog Graphic

The all-new MindManager Product Suite is coming! Join us virtually on October 1st for a first look.

Our loyal customers know that autumn is a time of new beginnings here at MindManager. And, despite everything going on… Read more »
Tags: Product News
MindManager Starter Academy | MindManager Blog

Introducing the MindManager Starter Academy – Starting October 2020

This year’s been a little bit different, to say the least. If you’re like us, then you’ve likely spent your… Read more »
Change Management Tools | MindManager Blog

5 change management tools to incorporate into your workplace

By: Leanne Armstrong Is it just us, or has the process of successfully introducing change into the workplace gotten tougher… Read more »
Change Management in Project Management | MindManager Blog

How to streamline change management in project management

By: Leanne Armstrong Change management within an organization is meant to guide everyone who may be impacted by a new… Read more »
Change Management Process | MindManager Blog

How to create a change management process

By: Leanne Armstrong Whether you need to transition to a new software system, or refocus your entire marketing strategy, following… Read more »
Change Management | MindManager Blog

What is change management? Your introductory guide.

By: Leanne Armstrong To keep pace in a rapid-fire business world, organizations of all types must direct and respond effectively… Read more »

5 process documentation tools you should be using

By: Jill Huettich Process documentation is critically important to the success of an organization—which may come as a surprise to… Read more »
Online Meetings and Flip Charts | MindManager Blog

How to integrate “flip charts” into your online meetings

By: Michael Fraidenburg Awhile back I was asked this question in one of my workshops on facilitating effective meetings.  That… Read more »

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