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Archives: Task and Workflow Management
Productivity Tools & Techniques | MindManager Blog

7 productivity tools for remote workers

By: Jill Huettich With more and more employees working from home, productivity is an even greater concern for businesses. After… Read more »
How to increase the productivity of employees | MindManager Blog

5 ways to increase employee productivity

By: Jill Huettich Companies literally lose hundreds of billions of dollars in lost productivity in the workplace each year. This… Read more »
What is productivity in the workplace? | MindManager Blog

What is productivity in the workplace? And why is it important?

By: Jill Huettich The importance of productivity in an organization cannot be overstated—which is especially alarming when you consider that… Read more »
MindManager Blog | Remote Teams

Empower your remote workers with these free resources

Working remotely is a reality that many across the world are facing at the moment. If you or your team… Read more »
Tips for Remote Work | MindManager Blog

New remote worker? 7 ways to set yourself up for success

By: Karen Wilson The recent spread of Covid-19 has led many companies to shift quite suddenly to remote work. While… Read more »
Task Management Tooks | MindManager Blog

7 tasks management tools to keep you and your team organized at work

By: Leanne Armstrong There’s no question that creating a solid task management plan is the best way to stay organized… Read more »
How to Manage Tasks | MindManager Blog

How to manage tasks better with 4 basic planning components

By: Leanne Armstrong Wondering how to manage tasks better without the tedious juggling act? One of the best ways to… Read more »
Task Mangement | MindManager Blog

How task management helps you accomplish more goals

By: Leanne Armstrong If you tend to move through your day in a blur of sticky notes and to-do lists… Read more »
MindManager Blog | Remote Teams

5 secrets to effective remote team communication

Guest Blogger: Yaakov Karda, co-founder of One of the biggest hurdles faced by remote companies is how to ensure… Read more »
Visual Collaboration with MindManager

How I created a mind map for onboarding (and why you should try it, too)

As discussed in our new eBook, Getting Your Company Onboard with Onboarding a recent survey by Kronos Incorporated says more… Read more »

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