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Archives: Process Design and Documentation

Breaking down the enterprise architecture framework

By: Leanne Armstrong If you’ve read our introductory guide to EA, you may recall that enterprise architecture is a vehicle… Read more »
Enterprise Architecture | MindManager Blog

What is enterprise architecture? An introductory guide

By: Leanne Armstrong Any quick trip around the internet will show you that enterprise architecture (EA) is a concept that… Read more »
Business Diagram Tools | MindManager Blog

6 business diagram tools you should adopt today

By: Emily Finlay You can communicate almost any concept better in visuals than in words. When your company is trying… Read more »
How to Write Business Rules | MindManager Blog

How to write business rules in 7 simple steps

By: Leanne Armstrong Although they can mean different things to different companies, business rules are basically statements that describe how… Read more »
Business Rules | MindManager Blog

What are business rules? Your introductory guide

By: Leanne Armstrong Rules come in many forms. Some tell us what is or isn’t allowed during specific types of… Read more »
Business Diagram - MindManager Blog

Business diagrams: what they are, and why you should use them

By: Emily Finlay People are visual creatures. Understanding operational processes or applying data to decisions becomes easier when you can… Read more »
Product Development Roadmap | MindManager Blog

Create your own product development roadmap: instructions to get you started

By: Leanne Armstrong Whether it’s the Google map you pull up on your phone – or the old-school, impossible-to-refold paper… Read more »
Swim Lane Diagrams - Business Diagramming Series - MindManager Blog

Swim lane diagrams: what they are and how to use them

By: Leanne Armstrong Diagramming tools are a great way to organize your team and improve collaboration during brainstorming, plan creation,… Read more »
Business Diagramming - Flowchart Diagrams

Flowchart diagrams: what they are and how to use them

By: Leanne Armstrong If you’ve never worked with flowcharts before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Flowchart diagrams aren’t just… Read more »

5 process documentation tools you should be using

By: Jill Huettich Process documentation is critically important to the success of an organization—which may come as a surprise to… Read more »

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