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Archives: Process Design and Documentation

5 process documentation tools you should be using

By: Jill Huettich Process documentation is critically important to the success of an organization—which may come as a surprise to… Read more »

How to write process documentation: complete guide with examples

By: Jill Huettich So you’ve been tasked with creating process documentation at your office and you’re wondering how exactly to… Read more »
Process Documentation | MindManager Blog

What is process documentation: complete guide with examples

By: Jill Huettich Business process documentation is becoming increasingly popular as more companies discover its benefits. Take, Taco Bell, for… Read more »
Process Design Tools | MindManager Blog

5 popular process design tools that improve workflow documentation

By: Leanne Armstrong The work that your business, department, or team carries out is usually a lot more complicated than… Read more »

3 types of process design to help you map your business procedures

By: Leanne Armstrong If a business process is how work gets done, then process design is simply a way of… Read more »

Process design: an introduction to the perks and purpose

By: Leanne Armstrong Looking for a way to standardize your customer follow-up process? Need to establish an efficient method for… Read more »
Process Mapping Tools | MindManager Blog

3 process mapping tools you should be using at your company

By: Jill Huettich More and more, executives are realizing that business process mapping is a critical activity that can make… Read more »
Business Process Optimization | MindManager Blog

Business process optimization: Why it’s important, and how to boost your success

By: Jill Huettich If you’ve been thinking about business process optimization, you’re in good company. Research shows that more and… Read more »
Business Process Mapping | MindManager Blog

What is business process mapping?

By: Jill Huettich Before we get into the nitty-gritty of business process mapping, allow us to briefly relay a story… Read more »
Flowchart Feature Image | MindManager Blog

Use flowcharts to document your work processes

You’ve probably heard the term flowchart or workflow before. It’s a technique that’s used across different industries and workplaces to… Read more »

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