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Waterfall Project Management Tools | MindManager Blog

6 essential waterfall project management tools

By: Emily Finlay The waterfall project management methodology can help you keep any project organized. Using a sequential approach, this… Read more »
Types of Meetings | MindManager Blog

7 types of meetings (and when to use them)

By: Emily Finlay Since the 2020 pandemic, there has been a significant shift in the understanding of and attitude toward… Read more »
Meeting Culture | MindManager Blog

How to create a great meeting culture at your organization

By: Leanne Armstrong Harvard Business Review once reported that executives spend nearly 23 hours a week on average in poorly… Read more »
Team Collaboration Tools | MindManager Blog

Are you using the right team collaboration tools?

By: Emily Finlay Businesses and teams no longer work in silos. You can see this shift in the way that… Read more »
Team Collaboration | MindManager Blog

Struggling with team collaboration? Follow these tips and tricks

By: Emily Finlay Team collaboration capitalizes on the best your employees have to offer. It creates an environment where one… Read more »
Waterfall Project Management Phases | MindManager Blog

5 waterfall project management phases you should know about

By: Emily Finlay The waterfall project management method is one of the most popular options for a reason. Using this… Read more »
Waterfall Methodology | MindManager Blog

Your introductory guide to the waterfall methodology

By: Emily Finlay Before you can start any project, you first have to answer the question: Which project management model… Read more »
Business Diagram Tools | MindManager Blog

6 business diagram tools you should adopt today

By: Emily Finlay You can communicate almost any concept better in visuals than in words. When your company is trying… Read more »
How to Write Business Rules | MindManager Blog

How to write business rules in 7 simple steps

By: Leanne Armstrong Although they can mean different things to different companies, business rules are basically statements that describe how… Read more »
Business Rules | MindManager Blog

What are business rules? Your introductory guide

By: Leanne Armstrong Rules come in many forms. Some tell us what is or isn’t allowed during specific types of… Read more »

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