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Agile Project Management | MindManager Blog

Agile project management: what it is, and why you should use it

Reading Time: 6 minutesBy: Emily Finlay Agile project management is a key component of many organizations and teams around the… Read more »
Risk Management Process | MindManager Blog

An in-depth look at the risk management process

Reading Time: 6 minutesBy: Nicholas Mistretta In this article, we’re going to break down the five steps in the risk… Read more »
Risk Management | MindManager Blog

Risk management: your introductory guide

Reading Time: 6 minutesBy: Nicholas Mistretta Risk management is one of those terms that all business people know, but how… Read more »
How to Create a Product Roadmap | MindManager Blog

Your step-by-step guide for how to create a product roadmap

Reading Time: 6 minutesBy: Nicholas Mistretta Product roadmaps are an essential component of the product development, sales, and marketing process.… Read more »
Requirements Gathering Tool | MindManager Blog

Top 10 requirements gathering tools in 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes By: Nicholas Mistretta If you’ve read the first introductory article in this series, you already know… Read more »
MindManager User Support Community | MindManager Blog

The NEW MindManager User Community is now live!

Reading Time: 2 minutesIf you’re a longtime MindManager user, you might have been wondering where our user forum went. And… Read more »
Product Development | MindManager Blog

Your introductory guide to agile product roadmaps

Reading Time: 6 minutesBy: Nicholas Mistretta Imagine that your company has just come up with an idea for a new… Read more »
Team Communication Tools | MindManager Blog

7 popular team communication tools that boost collaboration

Reading Time: 5 minutes By: Leanne Armstrong Since you can’t collaborate effectively without strong, efficient communication, working with the right… Read more »
How to Improve Team Communication | MindManager Blog

How to improve team communication: 10 tips and techniques

Reading Time: 6 minutesBy: Leanne Armstrong In today’s competitive, often distance-based business environment, effective team communication is more important than… Read more »
Agile Planning Process | MindManager Blog

The ins and outs of the agile planning process

Reading Time: 6 minutesBy: Emily Finlay: Last week, we introduced a revolutionary project planning method called agile planning. This technique… Read more »

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