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MindManager wins a 2021 Top Rated Award from TrustRadius

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We are delighted to announce that MindManager has recently won the 2021 TrustRadius Top Rated Award in the Diagramming,  Mind Mapping, and Project Management categories. With another prestigious award under our belt, we are committed to continuing to add outstanding features for our customers.

Diagramming software supports the creation of flowcharts, diagrams and maps whereas mind mapping refers to visualization tools that facilitate brainstorming, enabling the production of schematics for ideas.

What makes this accomplishment even more thrilling is that MindManager was chosen for the TrustRadius Top Rated award by our valued customers. This award reflects the many excellent, thorough customer reviews verified with strict fraud protection over the past twelve months.

Here’s what our dedicated customers had to say about MindManager:

A mind mapping tool in a class of its own

“MindManager is one of our most widely used products across the organisation. It is our primary product of choice for the various functions, including client consulting, project management, solutions brainstorming, work tracking, productivity management, etc.

The reason for its ubiquitous presence is that it provides a richly capable canvas for capturing and organising all forms of data that need some form of structured and yet, still fluid organisation. It has become popular with users due to its flexibility to support a diverse range of information management needs without requiring any preparation or complex setup.”

– Director ERP Solution Advisors Ltd


MindManager will keep you focused, organized, and save you time.

“I used MindManager to create maps and charts for my teaching curriculum. It allows me to visualize all the content I need to teach and the time it will take me to accomplish the schedule. I have to change several times because of COVID-19, I could not teach certain topics, and it was easy to modify everything needed without starting a new plan and charts. I am the first one in my organization to use it.”

– Teacher CS,AP CSP,AP CSA, Robotics


One of the best tools for running a business!

“I utilize MindManager to build templates and tools for my business. Everything from strategic business plans to product/offering roadmaps starts on MindManager. It is an excellent tool for organizing thoughts and building outlines, and then dropping in the content necessary to complete the plan. It is one of the better tools I have come across. I started using MM back in 1998 when I was building the business plan for funding of my internet startup. I raised $8m in funding with the business plan I built. I have used it ever since!”

– Sr. Director, Public Sector Sales


Creates clarity out of chaos

“I have been using MindManager for over 10 years at various companies. It helps me with the critical analysis of both product management and product marketing. I use it to poll problems and symptoms out of stakeholder groups then structure complicated projects in to actionable phases. I also use it to develop product messaging source documents as well as product roadmaps.”

– Vice-President in Product Management


My Integrated Management Environment

“We use MindManager to diagram cloud networks for customers. MindManager allows us to provide the customer with a high-level overview of their AWS or Azure systems and drill-down into specific services. We also use MindManager to diagram the security components of the systems. Compliance mandates are identified and outlined at a high-level with drill-down or linking to specific policies.”

– Cloud Architect

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We extend our sincere gratitude to our valued customers for their positive reviews and appreciation. Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers is always our highest priority which makes a recognition like this even more meaningful. It gives us great pleasure to know how our efforts are making a difference for our customers and their businesses. Your appreciation is what drives us forward and inspires us to continue striving for the best.

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