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We often hear a lot of helpful feedback from avid MindManager users. Many of you in our community generously take the time to share feedback, and we love you for it!  

That willingness from super fans to provide feedback got us thinking that there must be a huge number of MindManager users out there with ideas for how to make this product even better. 

That’s what led us to launch the MindManager customer survey.  

What is the MindManager customer survey? 

It’s a questionnaire that will help the MindManager team get to know you better. Your insights and feedback will be used to inform future product development projects, support and training materials.  

In short, we want you to help steer the course of MindManager!  

What will you do with my feedback? 

First, we’ll read every customer survey entry that comes in. Then, we’ll make a list of all insights and ideas that you provide and use that to kick start ideas for future improvements to MindManager. 

Additionally, our marketing and support teams will use your feedback to help craft new and improved content and training material to help you get the most out of MindManager long term.  

You can choose to remain completely anonymous, and your specific responses cannot be tied back to you or your organization.  

Take the MindManager customer survey now 

Sound interesting? Great! Then we invite you to take the survey by following the link below. 

It shouldn’t take you longer than about 10 minutes to complete.  The survey will be open until April 7, 2021.


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Enter for a chance to win a $500 USD Amazon gift card!  

As a token of our appreciation, anyone who completes the survey is eligible to win a $500 USD Amazon gift card! To be entered, fill out your name and contact information at the end of the survey so we know how to contact you if you’re the winner. Of course, entering the contest is completely optional. 

Official contest rules 

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