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The NEW MindManager User Community is now live!

If you’re a longtime MindManager user, you might have been wondering where our user forum went. And if you’re a new user, you may not be aware that there was one in the first place!

In either case, you’ll be excited to learn that a brand-new MindManager User Community has officially launched. Regrettably, our old service provider closed shop, and we had a full data loss with our old forum. So, as they say, here’s to new beginnings!

What is the MindManager User Community?

The new MindManager User Community will serve as your resource to ask questions and present ideas to our product team and fellow users. You can get timely answers and engage in discussions about the product and our services.

Head over to the MindManager User Community forum now to take a look around!


Join the Community - MindManager Blog


How do I start a conversation?

When you navigate to the MindManager User Community for the first time, you’ll need to login using your MindManager account.


Login - MindManager User Community - MindManager Blog

Click either “Create New Topic” or “Login” to input your credentials.


Sign In Options - MindManager User Community - MindManager Blog


Sign in using your MindManager account credentials, or click Create Account if you don’t have one already.


Input Email Address - MindManager User Community - MindManager Blog


Input the email address associated with your MindManager account and click Sign In.


Add a Question or Idea - MindManager User Community - MindManager Blog


Once logged in, click Create New Topic in the top navigation, and fill out the question field shown above. If you’d like to share an idea, toggle the top field from Question to Idea. Add title and body text for your question or idea, and add a Category and Tags to help other users find your post more easily.

Click Submit once you’re done.

What happens when I submit a question or idea?

Your post will be published live to the MindManager User Support Community and will be visible to other users. MindManager’s product team will regularly monitor the forum and answers questions as they arise.

Have a specific question or suggestion in mind? We’d love to hear from you! Follow the steps above to start a conversation.

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