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Your character guide (map) to this season of Game of Thrones

Winter may be over, but Season 8 of Game of Thrones is just beginning! To help you get the most out of this final season of everyone’s favourite show, we put together a character cheat map for you to consult when things start getting a little too confusing.

In the Published map below, you’ll find:

  • A detailed family tree for each of the Great Houses.
  • Topic relationships representing the “real life” marriages and relationships in the show.
  • Links across the map to illustrate which families specific characters married into.
  • Happy and sad face emoticons which indicate if a specific character is alive or dead.

So, if you’re watching a new episode of GoT and you find yourself unsure about how certain characters are connected, pull up this blog post on your phone or laptop to consult the map. You can use the Search functionality in MindManager to jump immediately to a specific character to see if they’re alive or dead, who they’re married to, and if they have family ties to any other House.

Now, I’m sure there are some super fans out there that will be able to spot some inaccuracies in this character guide. If you spot anything, let me know! I can update the live version instantly using the Publish feature in MindManager.

Spoiler alert!┬áThe “alive” and “dead” emoticons are up-to-date as of the end of Season 7. If you haven’t watched that far, then proceed with caution!

Click here to open the map in a larger view.

Tip: To filter the Alive and Dead characters, make sure you’re in Standard view. Click “Menu” in the bottom left corner, and under “View Mode” click “Standard”.

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