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The Problem with Meetings and How Mind Maps Can Help

We’ve all experienced a meeting that felt like wasted time. That feeling typically boils down to one of three things:

  1. You’re not listening;
  2. You’re not talking; or
  3. You’re just not being heard.

Mind mapping software naturally transforms meetings from a linear give-and-take of information to a dynamic exchange of ideas in which all attendees become active participants. In this scenario, understanding is forged, alignment is achieved, objectives are met and work gets done.

In other words, mapped meetings are better meetings. Here are some tips on how to use mind maps in your next meeting.

Prior to the meeting, use mind maps to:

  • Quickly and meticulously plan the agenda (e.g. invites, goals, structure, flow)
  • Thoroughly anticipate needs (e.g. venue, timing issues, technology requirements)

During the active meeting, use mind maps to:

  • Activate engagement by displaying the map on a screen at the front of the room for all participants to see
  • Create understanding and alignment by presenting key points, outcomes and task assignments in a shared visual context

After the meeting, use mind maps to:

  • Reinforce decisions and required actions by immediately sharing the meeting map with all participants (no need to spend time writing up meeting minutes — the map is the minutes!)

Follow each of these tips and your meetings will start to become more effective and, more importantly, your co-workers will thank you for time well spent!

Resources to Help Streamline Your Meetings

To help you move from ineffective meetings to active collaboration, we’ve compiled a list of additional resources to get you started.

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