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5 Reasons You’ll Want to Upgrade to MindManager 11 for Mac

If you’re a MindManager fan, then you’re likely already aware of the major development investments made to launch the enhancements in MindManager 2018 for Windows. We’ve received incredible feedback on this release from our customers (and new customers!). But it’s left some Mac devotees wondering, “What about me?”

Well, Mac lovers, this one’s all about you! This week, we launched the most robust Mac version of MindManager ever.

And we want you to try it for yourself!

Mac is Back! | MindManager 11 for Mac

The users I really (really!) want to reach with this blog post are our loyal MindManager users on older versions of our Mac product. In fact, I want you to upgrade so badly to our newest version that we are making upgrade available to everyone … I don’t care how old your version is, we’ll make this upgrade available to you!

Here Are My Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to MindManager 11 for Mac


1. NEW! Visualize new paths to growth and profit with our new diagram layouts and expanded template library

More than a dozen inspired NEW and improved templates will help you see ideas, plans and possibilities in ways that empower bigger thinking, smarter decisions and better outcomes. Timelines, workflow diagrams and concept maps illuminate correct paths and drive efficient action; Venn, onion and swim lane diagrams give you a clearer understanding of relationships and intersections; and customizable matrices empower you to correlate ideas and quickly assess risk, reward, value, urgency, priority and more.

2. NEW! Reinvent the way you use MindManager with Digital Architect

With our expanded library of background objects and map-making capabilities, you can customize existing templates with shapes, images, text boxes, swim lanes, dividers and more to clarify relationships and accountability … build and edit timelines to track project progress and ensure success … or create whole new structures to organize and understand your world. You have free rein over the way your map looks, the story it tells about your business, and the results it helps you achieve.

3. NEW! Work more efficiently and effectively with advanced mapping capabilities

Open multiple maps in a single application for easy multitasking. Roll data from multiple maps into a single dashboard for at-a-glance understanding. Add multiple external links to a topic to create a one-stop resource repository, customize link titles for instant context and more. With the advanced mapping features built into MindManager 11 for Mac, your maps and diagrams will be easier to work with, tell a more robust story and drive better outcomes faster than ever.

4. NEW! Make your point with real power using Presentation Mode in exported maps

Introduce a new level of polish, professionalism and impact into the map viewing experience. Now you can present or review maps in the new presentation mode. Present the exact content you want recipients to see, exactly the way you want them to see it, with clear, simple controls that make navigation effortless for map pros and novices alike. With Keep your team focused on your map’s substance, not the interface!

5. NEW! Publish and share your maps easily with anyone, anywhere

Some maps are too good to keep to yourself. Our new Publish tool lets you quickly and easily share maps with colleagues, show proposals and plans to customers, or simply put your masterpieces “out there” for others to learn from, be inspired by and build on.

MindManager 11 for Mac is packed with more power and possibility than any previous Mac version.

We’ve also put together this “What’s New” video if you’d like to see the above 5 reasons in action. Please check it out and take advantage of our free 30-day trial. Thanks!

About the author: This year marks Michael Deutch’s 10th year with Mindjet, now a division of Corel. He’s currently our Vice President, MindManager Product Management, but he doesn’t believe in silos — he’s acted as product ambassador, driven social media campaigns, and led 14 successful cross-functional product launches for MindManager. You can reach him at michael [dot] deutch [at] corel [dot] com.

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