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Strategy Toolkit: What are you planning?

“They” say, fail to plan then plan to fail!

We think ‘they’ haven’t used MindManager yet because we’re making it easier than ever before to collaborate and build winning strategies and plans. And with MindManager 2018, there are even more powerful and easy-to-use strategic planning templates to help you brainstorm, clarify and prioritize your different strategic options.

We used MindManager’s new Digital Architect features, to bring you the following new strategic planning templates.

Venn and Onion Diagrams

Venn and Onion Diagrams to help clarify your strategy…

Venn and Onion Diagrams

These diagrams can highlight the intersecting points between different concepts and ideas…or even target markets when building out and defining your product, company, department or team strategy.

SWOT and Customizable Metrics

You can also select our new and improved SWOT analysis template which visually organizes the sections into a matrix.

SWOT Analysis DiagramOr select one of our other new matrices, like the Urgency / Importance Matrix. In this diagram, where you position your topics will impact the consumer’s interpretation of the topic urgency and importance.

Urgency Importance MatrixWe also shipped with matrices for Value vs. Effort and Risk vs. Reward. You can use these or unlock and edit the text boxes to change the matrix to track any variable that makes sense for your strategy or project.

Swim Lane Diagrams

Or, alternatively, we’ve improved the vertical and horizontal swim lane diagrams to help you document and clarify key processes aligning teams and work to successfully deliver on your strategies.

Swim Lane DiagramsBusiness Model Canvas

Finally, we’ve also added another strategic planning tool, the Business Model Canvas.

Business Model CanvasThese new diagrams aren’t just pretty pictures (although they can be pretty). They’re fully interactive and leverage the power of MindManager so you can use our filtering capabilities, search, conditional formatting, calculations and more…

Business Model Canvas with Sample TextNow, over to you. We’d love to hear how you’re using MindManager to define your projects and strategies. Which templates do you use or strategy maps have you created?

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About the author: This year marks Michael Deutch’s 10th year with Mindjet, now a division of Corel. He’s currently our Vice President, MindManager Product Management, but he doesn’t believe in silos — he’s acted as product ambassador, driven social media campaigns, and led 14 successful cross-functional product launches for MindManager. You can reach him at michael [dot] deutch [at] corel [dot] com.

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