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MindManager 2018 Takes Flight Today!

Hey, remember me? Yes, I know Julie wrote about me in her first blog post, but I have unfortunately not been able to write anything here since … well, since last year’s launch. Here’s why:

MindManager 2018 launched today and it rocks!!!

We’ve had our heads down for an entire year to make this the best release in the history of MindManager. And I really think our incredible team of talented developers, designers, testers and product managers pulled it off.

So …Did we do it? You tell me! Download a free trial right now and see what you think!

Work Smarter, Fly Higher

I know that your team’s success is fueled by information. So it follows that the clearer and more powerful the information you work with, the faster and farther your business will go.

That’s why I’m excited to share just some of the many enhanced capabilities that this release offers. We focused our development on three themes: Visualization, Integrations & Collaboration, and Project Planning & Management.

Visualizing Success

At the core of MindManager is the ability to ‘see’ things differently…to see the big picture and all the relevant details. We have some powerful new capabilities here that’ll bring new insights into your world, including:

  • New Priority View: We’ve added an easy-to-use and powerful view to help you isolate your priorities and ensure you’re tackling the most important stuff first.
  • Digital Architect: New tools to add and customize visual structures within your MindManager diagrams. You can design an unlimited set of new diagram types or use them to brand your existing templates. We’ve used them to offer entirely new diagram types like Venn Diagrams, Matrices and more…
  • Intelligent Filtering: With our new SmartFade™ capability, you can now focus on one thing, without losing sight of anything. We’ve also added the ability to filter on topic properties.
  • Dashboard Wizard: Our new Conditional Formatting lets you program map elements to display real-time changes. Your maps will transform before your eyes, highlighting and drawing your attention to the changes that matter most to you.

Integrations & Collaboration

MindManager for Windows is the most integrated mind mapping application in the world, with deep integration with Microsoft Office, Windows and SharePoint as well as over 800 web applications with our Zapier integration. This release offers even more powerful integrations.

  • Places: We’ve expanded our file management options so you can store and access your maps with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox in addition to our Box and SharePoint integrations.
  • Publisher: Need to share your MindManager diagrams with colleagues? We’ve added a powerful publishing capability where you can save your MindManager file to the cloud and send the link to anyone to view the interactive diagram within their browser. Embed it into your blog, intranet or website or even share content on social media. It’s fast, easy and accessible. We’ve also introduced a powerful presentation mode for published maps and our interactive map export to ensure anyone can easily consume the content that you carefully created for distribution.
  • SharePoint Linker: We’ve overhauled the SharePoint Linker (a MindManager Enterprise capability) to make the entire design easier to use to query SharePoint sites. We’ve also expanded the integration so you can now populate MindManager’s topic properties with any custom and standard SharePoint fields.    

Project Planning & Management

Project planning and management is one of the top uses for MindManager, so we continuously look for ways to simplify and improve how you approach and deliver projects successfully.

  • New Schedule View: Similar to Priority View, the Schedule View is a fast way to plan out your tasks using a calendar view. It can also double as a task list where you can see what’s due and mark things complete as you tackle your to-dos.
  • Gantt Pro: Another MindManager Enterprise exclusive capability was enhanced with both usability improvements and new capabilities to modify task information, resources and dependencies from within the Gantt Chart itself.

Want to see it for yourself?

These incredible new capabilities are all designed to help you and your team work smarter and faster, and take your business to new heights of success. You can see these features in action for yourself during  our 2018 launch webinar. Register Now and join us!

P.S. Don’t forget to tell me what you think of MindManager 2018! You can download a FREE TRIAL right here.

About the author: This year marks Michael Deutch’s 10th year with Mindjet, now a division of Corel. He’s currently our Vice President, MindManager Product Management, but he doesn’t believe in silos — he’s acted as product ambassador, driven social media campaigns, and led 14 successful cross-functional product launches for MindManager. You can reach him at michael [dot] deutch [at] corel [dot] com.

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