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MindManager 2017 for Windows Sneak Peek – Part 3

Receiving MindManager Updates via Zapier

In my last post, I highlighted new MindManager export possibilities with Zapier.

Today, I’ll share some examples of how these same apps and more can send content to your MindManager 2017 maps.

Before we dive into examples, let me explain at a high level how it all works.

Receiving Zaps – An Overview

Zapier is a 3rd party platform that was built to connect web applications with other web apps. Now, I know what you’re thinking. But wait, MindManager is a desktop application. How, then, did you enable it to receive content from Zapier? A-ha! My friends, we got innovative and built a cloud app that is always on and always connected to Zapier. That way, any updates in any of the 700+ applications on the zapier platform, regardless of when content is sent, will always reach our application in the cloud and will send you the updates when you open the map with the topic that was specified to receive the information.

Before configuring your Zapier settings for receiving content within MindManager, you’ll have to tell Zapier which topics will be receiving data. You do that by selecting a topic and using the Zapier options in MindManager’s menu to select “Make Receiving Topic”.

Once this is complete, you’ll be able to send content from hundreds of apps to this branch via Zaps configured within Zapier.

Don’t worry if this is a little confusing, it’s easy to setup and we’ll be providing more documentation and additional resources to guide you through the process. Once you see how easy it is to setup and the initial familiarization, you’ll be able to do some amazing things…

Here are some examples!

Forward Emails to Your MindManager Maps

Zapier allows you to setup a unique email address within their system.

Why is this important? You can forward emails to your zapier email account and Zapier can be setup to forward the emails to maps of your choosing.

Forward Emails to Your MindManager Maps

Connect your Gmail, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange email accounts to MindManager to receive notifications for new emails.

Depending on the service you use, your topics can include the email’s subject line, snippet of the content, sender name and email address.

You’ll also have the ability to include the email’s URL too which can be added as a topic link, providing a one-click way to open up the conversation.

Emails can be filtered and forwarded based on their content…. For instance, if the subject contains “Project XYZ” send it to my “Project XYZ” dashboard map in MindManager.

Web & Social Monitoring

With our new Zapier integration, you can scour the web and build a dynamic MindManager dashboard that captures everything being said about you and your company.

  • Mention: People talk about your brand 24/7, and brand monitoring needs to be just as constant. It’s tough to stay on top of what’s being said about you and your company much less all of your competitors. Mention allows you to track all of it whether it’s on social media or other online destinations.
  • Tweets: You can track what others are saying about your company or create a list of your employees and see what they’re saying out in the Twittersphere.
  • Reddit: Someone talking about your company or products on Reddit? Capture it in your MindManager dashboard map.

Automatically Add New Docs to Your Project Dashboard

Working on a project and want to keep track of all of the deliverables in a project dashboard map? No problem.

You can use Zapier to create new topics with links to documents in your project and dashboard maps every time a team member adds a new file to DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.

And the possibilities go on and on…

These are just a handful of examples of what’s now possible. You can explore the different integrations available to you on the Zapier web site.

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I’d love to hear which integrations you’d like to explore and why. Please let us know in the comments.

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