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A New Option for Individual Consumers

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Recently Mindjet simplified our product and pricing model: we have one product, Mindjet, and it’s available for one price. We think there are real advantages in a powerful, simple message and product and we can deliver even greater value to our customers through these focused efforts.

With the subscription we can now guarantee that every innovation introduced into our product will be streamed directly to all of our customers. While it’s always been a focus for us, we are doubling down on our customer’s success.  Your vote by your renewal each year is a definitive way to measure how we are doing.

Over the past few weeks there’s been a great discussion about this change.  Through this discussion, our community has been vocal that Mindjet is both used in collaborative environments with  teams and by individuals. This individual use case is a hallmark of Mindjet.  Consistently we’ve seen Mindjet usage grow first from the individual and then to the team as their colleagues see the value of Mindjet.

Ultimately, we exist to serve our customers – both the team collaborator and the individual contributor. We realize that we have a real opportunity to address the single user market in a more meaningful way so they can reap the huge benefits of Mindjet and continue to be counted among our most important fans.

Mindjet for the Individual

While there will always be one Mindjet, today we are introducing two ways to buy it: as a team or individual.  You will be able to use the total power of Mindjet and the cost reflects your use case.

In addition to Mindjet for businesses and teams we are introducing Mindjet for Individuals. For customers who want the best in information mapping and task management for their own use, we think Mindjet for Individuals provides a very appealing and affordable option for our customers (new and old) focused individual productivity. When you need and want to work with multiple people using Mindjet you can then upgrade to our business offering.

Mindjet for Individuals includes our desktop versions for Windows and Mac, along with use of the Mindjet web app for personal file storage and task management.

Mindjet for Individuals License includes:

  • Fully functioning Mindjet for Windows and Mac desktop versions
  • Mindjet Web with personal file storage
  • Mindjet Tasks to help users manage personal items and “to do” lists

The price is $15 (USD) per month with a multi-year purchase option and is available in English, French and German.

Learn More about It

We’ve updated the website to highlight the ability to buy Mindjet? whether for your business or for yourself. Go there now to explore in more detail.

To purchase Mindjet for Individuals or learn more about Mindjet products go to

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