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Mindjet for Android Available Today!

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A few months ago, our Chief Products Officer Blaine Mathieu wrote a blog post which focused on our mobile strategy and highlighted our support for the iOS (iPad/iPhone) platform. Our strategy is simple and powerful: enable you to work the way you want, where you want and on your platform of choice.

Today, we continue to deliver on this promise with the introduction of our latest mobile app – Mindjet for Android!  Look it for it live on the Android Marketplace starting 4PM PST!

The Android platform just passed 10 billion downloads and with Android compatibility Mindjet is most ubiquitous mapping solution on the planet. With the announcement of Mindjet for Android, Mindjet now has the most popular information mapping apps across Android and iOS devices.

With the launch 67% of the world’s smart phone users can leverage Mindjet’s mobile apps to create and collaborate on the go. Our iOS apps have already been hugely successful hitting the top of the charts with over 325,000 downloads to date. Like our iOS apps, Mindjet for Android is available at no charge to you. We’re excited to watch as Android fans discover the ease and power of mapping on the go.

Productivity on the go

With Mindjet for Android you have a pocket productivity tool that will help you capture ideas, create business plans, and organize your thinking so you can be more productive and get more accomplished.

Mindjet for Android has many uses, from business professionals that want to stay on top the latest plans to authors and bloggers who want to flesh out their ideas and thoughts. Michael Scott, the author of the New York Times best-selling novel, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, plans to utilize Mindjet for Android to visualize plot lines wherever he might be. “Now when I get a story idea I can quickly capture it as the inspiration hits. With Mindjet for Android I can develop plot lines and twists whether I’m behind my desk, headed to a book signing or out in the field doing research. Next to my word processor, Mindjet is my essential software.”

Brainstorm on the fly

You no longer have to rely on the back of a napkin! Whether you are dreaming up your next business, creating lists or charting out your future strategic directions, Mindjet for Android enables you to quickly capture, organize and expand on your ideas, concepts and plans.

Take meeting notes and organize ideas

Mindjet for Android is perfect for taking notes in meetings.  It lets you quickly capture key points, document your decisions, and record all the action items. You can also visually mark up the map to highlight priorities, indicate items that need further discussion, and track your progress.

Inform and align teams

Easily share your Mindjet maps with others to gather other thoughts or to get buy in for your ideas and plans.  Mindjet for Android works with Dropbox so you can easily share with others or syncing back to your computer.

Worry-free access to your work- anytime and anywhere

With Mindjet for Android you can access your work anywhere to review your plans, update your research and expand on your ideas.

Like our iOS mobile apps, no data is ever lost as you move your map from platform to platform. At Mindjet, we’re creating a truly collaborative work management ecosystem across all platforms and devices – from PC and Mac through the web and of course on both iOS and Android devices so you can focus on getting work done and not have to worry about whether files or map content will be lost or garbled when opened on your mobile device.

Stocked full of features

Mindjet for Android is loaded with features such as easy topic creation, simple drag and drop interaction with map topics, zoom, and icons and markers including.

  • Adding notes to topics for additional details and context.
  • Tapping into the extensive icon library to flag topics, show progress and more.
  • Easy export of maps as image or text files to share snapshots with a colleague.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for those of you that own a device with a physical QWERTY keyboard Gesture shortcuts for others who prefer to use the touch screen

Best of all…Mindjet for Android is available at no cost to you!

Simply download the app from the Android Marketand you’ll be up and running in seconds.

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We want your feedback!

We take great pride in providing technology that not only works, but works in a way that truly makes a difference in the lives of our users. Have ideas on how to improve Mindjet for Android? Join the discussion here and give us your feedback. Love the app? We’d appreciate your review on the Android Market page and help us spread the word about how Mindjet for Android helps make you more productive!

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