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PowerPoint Tip and Trick — Part Two

helpful_tips_imageAs promised I have the second installment of this little two part PowerPoint tip and trick. This one is slightly more advanced than part one of this series, covering more in depth how to customize your MindManager created presentation. After watching the video you will have learned how to have complete control over all the aspects of text and images in a PowerPoint slide/presentation. In the video below you will learn about:

  • The “Format Microsoft PowerPoint Slides” window
    • Automatic Slide Generation
    • How MindManager determines what to present on each slide
    • Using the Microsoft PowerPoint Export Format Settings” dialogue to control the Automatic generation of slides
  • Displaying Topics and Lines as PowerPoint Objects
    • Control on a per slide basis
    • Control for entire slide presentation
    • Influence of the PowerPoint Template on final result

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