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Mindjet’s iPhone App is Now Available!

Mindjet for iPhone & iPod Touch We’re excited to announce the official iPhone™ and iPod™ touch app from Mindjet!

Mindjet for iPhone (& iPod touch) works with MindManager for PC, Mac, and Web providing access to your maps everywhere you go. It’s fast and easy to use!

Check out the highlights…

  • Expand and collapse topics
  • Cut, copy, past, move and merge topics
  • Add icons and change topic colors
  • Format topic shapes
  • Attach topic notes
  • Align and arrange topics
  • Zoom and scroll in both landscape and portrait modes
  • Use as a stand-alone app or upload & download maps from MindManager Mac, Windows, or Web.
  • Email maps as attachments
  • Build maps in any iPhone supported language

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Create Maps in Landscape Mode:

Strategy Meeting

Create Maps in Portrait Mode (Topic Notes Displayed):


See It In Action:

Purchase Mindjet for iPhone at the iTunes Store

Get productive and have fun mapping on the go!

About the Author:
Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s Chief Evangelist, content contributor for the Mindjet Blog and the Mindjet Connections newsletter. Get more from Michael on Twitter.

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