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Mind Mapping News You Can Use

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Happy hump day! Here’s a collection of mind mapping links that include some best practices, new visual thinking tools, and great ways to leverage mapping in your day-to-day work.

  • Tips On How To Use Mind Mapping As A Writing Aid: Nice article from MindMapSwith that covers where and how mind mapping can be used in a writing process. Since I’ve been writing more frequently, mapping has become an invaluable tool for my own process. Here’s where I map in my own writing process: Plan my writing (e.g. my editorial calendar), perform the research, outline & draft my articles, and finally to help promote my final work.
  • 15 Effective Tools for Visual Knowledge Management: Eric Blue pulled together a great list of tools for visual knowledge management. When you get to the final page, you’ll see #1: MindManager 🙂
  • Mind Mapping or Idea Mapping?: Jamie Nast, author of Idea Mapping, poses the question and highlights the benefits of breaking the rules…
  • 3 Speakers – 3 Different MindManager maps: Andrew Wilcox demonstrates the power of using mind maps for note-taking at live events. I really like this example, great use of MindManager’s features and an example of ‘idea mapping’ as it breaks the rules of traditional mind maps.
  • How to add visual dimension to your mind maps with a background image or color: Mindmapping software blog’s Chuck Frey explores the use of background images and colors for maps. I agree with his final tip: test, test, test. More often than not, I’ve found backgrounds to be more distracting than helpful but admit they can improve a map if used effectively.

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