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The Art of Using Twitter

Inspired by Tim O’Reilly, I thought it would be interesting to visualize with Wordle the information I’ve been sharing with Twitter over the past four months.

It’s been a fantastic resource to meet and speak with many of our customers and people looking for better ways to think, work, and live. In the Twitter world, I’ve been using my name, @MichaelDeutch, while Gaelen O’Connell has been answering many of your questions and providing great links using @Mindjet. Hop online and say hello, we’d love to hear from you.

Here are a few previous posts about our use of Twitter:

And, here’s a new post from a MindManager enthusiast, ‘ActivityOwner’, who started to use MindManager 8 as a dashboard for his Twitter account. Check it out!

While I’ve found Twitter to have great value in initiating conversations and learning about our customers, I know many have yet to see value or have written it off as a waste of time. What are your thoughts about Twitter? Have you tried it? Does it make sense? What’s stopping you from testing the waters?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

About the Author: Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s Chief Evangelist, content contributor for the Mindjet Blog and the Mindjet Connections newsletter. Get more from Michael on Twitter.

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